Cubes Factory

This is something I get in 2 days at work dealing with Blender Eevee in 2.8 for the first time.

The thing is that I concentrated more time programming animations for the lights and the pipelines shader (shadeeerrrrrssss! You know me) where you can see energy going in an sh*t... Anyway here is a snap of my current scene!

Video snapshots:

printed version:

Since Eevee seems to not be able to render UHD or crashing when rendered frames exceed 2K on the beta version of Blender, I decided to swith up in Cycles to render a frame for printing. The output image is around 11'500 pixels by 7'900 pixrls and was printed on 100x80cm matte paper.

Feel free to get in touch with me below if you want the original file for yourself.